Obama abandons Muslim faith for “New Atheism.”

There has been overwhelming evidence during Obama’s tenure as president that he is a Muslim. But as his term comes to a close, it appears the President has  abandoned Islam for Atheism. There are many examples that point to this conclusion.

For one, due to policies put forth by the Obama administration, young people are now the most atheistic group in the history of the United States with 35%  of young people turning their backs on Christ while reaping the benefits of living in a Christian nation.


Churches are in a panic. Those who profess to be Liberals who voted for Obama are leaving the Christian faith in record numbers. This can be directly attributed to President Obama supporting Atheist agendas and declaring war on religion.

Richard Dawkins, the most influential “New Atheist” and hater of Christians declared, “Obama is an Atheist.” If anyone could vouch for someone’s Atheistic tendencies, it would be Dawkins.

Obama has maliciously attacked the Church many times. One of many incidents was his attack against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Little Sisters of the Poor is a 177-year-old Roman Catholic religious order for women that offers care to terminal patients. These nuns serve their wonderful Christian mission in 31 countries. A Hollywood screenwriter could not write this scene because it would be too unbelievable, but Barack Obama threatened to fine them $70 million dollars a year for refusing to distribute birth control. Yes, in a free country founded on Christianity, these wonderful women who took a vow of chastity and were caring for terminal patients and had zero use for birth control anyway were attacked on 10 separate occasions by the Obama administration. Their “crime” was refusing to enroll in the travesty ObamaCare even though they had a legitimate exclusion as a religious organization. Who but a capital-A Atheist would spend untold taxpayer dollars attacking a group of nuns?


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